Character Sheet will be delayed, but...

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Character Sheet will be delayed, but... Empty Character Sheet will be delayed, but...

Post  Aidan on Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:06 am

...if I stay on track, Divine Affinity (the only outstanding section) should be complete before tonight, and book 1.0 should be posted. I will post Character Sheet 5.0 with it. 5.1 will be released later in the week, and will include Divne Affinity and Trademark Skills page (a 3rd page) for characters intending to use the special rules. I will be revising the Wayfinder class to have its own special optional 'class-surfing' rules, and that should come out with Character Sheet 5.1 as Core Rulebook 1.1.

Of course if this caffeine and inspiration high lasts too long, I might have ALL of it done by tonight.
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