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Trance and Focus Empty Trance and Focus

Post  Combat Womble on Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:47 pm

Talent: Trance The magi may sacrifice their defence (reduce to 0) to double the
number on all arcane magic dice rolls before adding skill, meaning a minimum of 4
and a maximum of 24. When in Trance, a Magi character cannot critically fail a
magic roll to the point of negative effects. Critical failures are treated as a failed cast.
Magi may only enter trance once per day.

The ability to hone the mind for a
precise action. Cannot be used in a
heated situation such as battle or an
escape. A success in a focus roll
allows the user to double the result of
their next roll before the addition of
relevant skill modifiers (meaning
maximum on the dice of 24 instead of
12). The difficulty is decided by the


(sorry for copy and pasting but thought would help people to know it quicker)

right to get straight to the point, can these two be used together on a spell?.... (basicaly it being 8-48 without being crit fail) both obviously being used outside battle, most likely a stupid question has usual from my part but worth asking nethertheless
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Trance and Focus Empty Re: Trance and Focus

Post  Aidan on Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:01 pm

This has gone in my big book of things in need of development:

Ignore what I said at the oasthouse, focus has no effect on magic skills. That fact will be made apparant in the next update to the book (I have a lot of things in my 'development' notepad). Trance is the equivalent of Focus for magic. Focus only operates on Mundane Skill Rolls, out of battle attack rolls (E.G. Shooting at a fuel tank of a stationary vehicle) or base ability checks.

Also: random test: what happens when Admin rolls dice iiiiiss..... EDIT: it also rolls in another post, other post deleted for convenience.

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