Mechs... gotta love them

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Mechs... gotta love them Empty Mechs... gotta love them

Post  Combat Womble on Tue Aug 12, 2008 6:16 pm

ok, ive been thinking about this for a while, ive just looked at the maximum stats for the system so.... if a character somehow designs/builds a mech, how would you work it out if they are using it?, obviously im guessing Vehicular Talent is involved (no duh) but would a mech be based around making a character using the max stats of mechanised armor?...

Human average (mook limit) 10
Practical Human Maxima 18 (start cap)
Actual Human Maxima 20 (with intense training)
Supernaturally enhanced maxima 26 (mechanised armour, magical enhancements, cybernetics, things like that)
Maxima for demigods 40
Maxima for HNPCs 50
Maxima for universal absolutes and gods 100

Mainly got to thinking about this due to the Vancopter/Keds Inventions (plus since nothing else was being posted thought it might be a good thing to discuss apon)
Combat Womble
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Mechs... gotta love them Empty Re: Mechs... gotta love them

Post  Aidan on Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:04 pm

Actually, the maxima listed for 'mechanised armour' is based on things like this:

Armour a person wears that increases their strength superhumanly, like Hybrid Assistant Limb (HAL) in the above video.

GIANT mechs are on a scale about a notch below demigods, around the 30-35 mark depending on if you are talking on Mobile Suits or EVAs.

Humanoid mechs have the physical ability scores, which is unlike normal vehicles, however, their smarts depend on the pilot, and unless the pilot can PULL OFF the maneuvers they attempt with their skill level, then the DEX and STR mean nothing.

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