FLIP! minisysyem for coinflip roleplaying or wargames.

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FLIP! minisysyem for coinflip roleplaying or wargames.

Post  Aidan on Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:05 am

Here I will make announcements, and post downloads for, my minisystem "FLIP!"

FLIP! is a system designed to test a new idea in roleplaying. Coins. So many games rely on the rolling of dice, Flip is intended to use coins (or dice if you want to use heads=even&tails=odd) in a 'pool' style to determine the outcome of combat or actions. The system is small and simplistic, comprising of only 4 main ability numbers and a list of skills that you can buy with experience. It is meant for short games or single wargame sessions.

20 August 2008 - System in revision. Working on the skills list, abolishing the old 'Quirks' list.


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