Campaign Idea: The Ancients Wake

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Campaign Idea: The Ancients Wake Empty Campaign Idea: The Ancients Wake

Post  XionAstra on Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:16 am

Though my system is not close to absolute completion I would like to announce the premier campaign of the Fateweaver System.

Setting: A reletively modern planet. Once it was inhabited by a race that weilded magic known only as 'The Ancients' until several hundred years ago they, as well as magic vanished. However in the last few years magic has returned and individuals have begun weilding the power of beings that are currently being called 'Avatars'.

During the course of the campaign players will acquire the power of an avatar, where it leads though will be up to you...

Once I'm ready enough to run I'll make a formal announcement about the system and the campaign.

Currently I have not decided what race restrictions will be in place so feel free to be as creative as you want in character ideas.
The races currently in the system (these only affect really what the character looks like and certain stat minimums at creation) are:
Humans - Generally all-rounders, they can fill any role well. They often rely on their expertise with technology.
Elves - Mages for the most part, though can also be able warriors and archers.
Aesir - A race with increased combat potential. They look like half-elves.
Half-Beasts - Half human, half something else. Half cat? Half dragon? Half fox? Yep, you can be what you want. Can also be used to create werewolf type characters.
Supernaturals - Elementals, Angels, Demons. (Will likely be ruled out for this campaign as they could effectively be avatars themselves).

Any questions you may have can be directed to me in this thread, via MSN or you can talk to me in person if you know me.

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